Elevate 2019 is the pre-eminent conference highlighting the achievements of the Sikh community in Australia and globally, and we invite the media to help us tell this story

Background on Sikhism

The Sikh tradition, known in the Punjabi language as Sikhi, is a relatively young tradition that was founded over 500 years ago in the Punjab region of South Asia. There are more than 25 million Sikhs around the world, which makes Sikhism the world’s fifth largest religion. Sikhs are embedded within their local and national communities, and remain committed to their core values of spiritual growth and social justice.  Sikhs first came to Australia in the 1830s and there are an estimated 125,000 Sikhs living in Australia today. In comparison to the national average, 81% of Sikhs in Australia are under the age of 40

YSPN Brand Guidelines


When using this logo variant, please ensure that there is enough clear space around it so that it can be easily identified as a single, autonomous symbol. As a guide, use the width of the 'N' in the acronym. In most cases however, the more space around the logo you can give, especially next to partner logos, the more important YSPN will appear. Err on the side of more rather than less space.

YSPN Colour Pallete

The YSPN colour palette is based on traditional Sikh colours. The hero colours of YSPN are YSPN Indigo and YSPN Saffron. Both colours reference the traditional colours used in the dying of cloth. The Indigo is a variant of the Sikh Royal Blue and is primarily used to provide a strong contrast against both the Saffron and the white.

The secondary palette includes tinted variants of the primary colours. To tie in with the cloth dying theme of the palette, these are referred to as Bleached Saffron and Bleached Indigo. These colours are used to complement the primary palette and should never be used completely in their stead.

  • YSPN Indigo
    HEX: #211551
    RGB: (33, 21,81)

  • YSPN Safron
    HEX: #FF5E00
    RGB: (255,94,0)

  • Bleached Indigo
    HEX: #483698
    RGB: (72,54,152)

  • Bleached Saffron
    HEX: #FFBF3F
    RGB: (255,191,63)

Media policies

YSPN recognises the pivotal role the media plays in disseminating vital information to the general public, and their importance in shaping public perception. Accordingly, we wish to work with the media to develop a cohesive narrative to educate the wider public on the background of the Sikh culture, importance of prominent Sikhs in Australian and global society, and the next steps for our people to demonstrate their personal and professional excellence.

Our team has extensive experience hosting events highlighting issues important to our audience, and we would be glad to offer our support as and when required. We will also be happy to facilitate conversations with our noted speakers to allow the media to have a comprehensive understanding of the topics they will discuss at Elevate 2019, as well as providing the relevant background and materials to write their pieces.

Media Passes

Elevate 2019 will be the first event of its type, scale and scope in the southern hemisphere. We would like to invite any media to attend the event as our guests to cover the event. To request your complimentary media passes, please email media[at] with your credentials. We look forward to seeing you there.

Media Partners